Our Standards

Why We Stand Out Above The Rest

● We provide unarmed uniformed security guards (on-foot and in hybrid-marked vehicles) 
● The Security Officers will communicate any concerns to management/Premium Parking in accordance with post orders in a timely manner.
● The Security Officers will maintain daily activity logs detailing tasks and incidents that occurred while on duty. Highlighting matters that require the attention of Premium Parking, such as concerns about loitering, criminal activity, undesirable visitors, suspected cases of violence, maintenance/repair needs, etc.
● The Security Officers will report all incidents occurring on the premises including, but not limited to trespassing, drug possession or use, safety hazards, or any other situations that may require follow-up by police or Premium Parking management.
● The Security Officers will remain on post until relieved without exceptions. 
● The Security Officers will report for duty in proper uniform and have an appearance and condition that is neat and professional.
● The Security Officers will summon necessary emergency assistance for utilizing the garages and others.
● Stellar Security Services will provide a supervisor during normal hours when guards are on posts. The supervisor will check all facilities during the shift to ensure that the post orders are strictly enforced and that Detex strip established rounds are being completed in a manner consistent with expectation.
● Stellar Security Services will provide, in advance, a schedule detailing names, times and locations for the guard assignments. Guards assigned to properties must meet with the Account Manager (dependent upon the Account Manager’s request) to explain the expectations of the property.
● Stellar Security Services will be responsible for any loss or damage to any equipment assigned by Premium Parking.
● Stellar Security Services will provide on-going consulting services and implement industry best practices.
● Stellar Security Services will develop a transition plan to take over parking and enforcement operations from the current security services provider.
● Stellar Security Services provide Operational And Customer Interaction training for all security Officers.
● Stellar Security Services will provide weekly, monthly, and annual reports as required by Premium Parking.

Personnel Requirements and Administration

● Stellar Security Services employ officers who are fully trained, competent, and qualified with the skills and experience necessary to provide the services during the term of the Agreement.
● Stellar Security Services will complete background checks on all employees prior to employment and provide proof such to Premium Parking upon request.
● Stellar Security Services will ensure all personnel wear uniforms and maintain a professional appearance while on duty. The uniform will display an approved insignia that clearly identifies the wearer as being responsible for the duties outlined for location security personnel.
● Stellar Security Services will provide a supervisor and appropriate staffing levels to fulfill the services required in the proposed solution.
● Stellar Security Services will make necessary adjustments to staffing requirements as directed by Premium Parking.
● Stellar Security Services will provide a daily activity and incident complaint form approved by Premium Parking that must be used by the security services provider for the collection and analysis of security incidents.
● Stellar Security Services will pay all its employees, at least the legal minimum wages as determined by the United States Department of Labor and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and Department of Labor Prevailing Wage. Wage Determinations can be accessed via the Department of Labor website, www.wdol.gov

Training, Customer Service & Performance Standards

● Stellar Security Services will employ friendly, helpful, customer-oriented personnel.
● Stellar Security Services will provide training in general information and directions to all personnel so they may assist visitors around the facilities. Officers will assist customers on how to pay to park, the specific locations payment meters as well as contact information of Premium Parking leadership team upon request of visitors of the facility.
● Stellar Security Services understands for each time the Contractor is late to arrive for a scheduled shift, the Contractor’s fee may be reduced by 25% for the entire length of that shift.
● Stellar Security Services understands failure of the Guard to remain at the post until relieved will result in not being paid for the number of hours the guard was not at the post. Additionally, Contractor’s fee may be reduced by 25% for the entire length of the shift.
● Stellar Security Services understands failure to report for work in proper uniform and with an appearance and condition that is neat and professional may result in the guard being told to go home for the duration of the shift and the contractor not being paid for the hours the guard should have been on duty. 
● Stellar Security Services understands Premium Parking may waive the fee reductions at its discretion after discussing extenuating circumstances with the selected security services provider. Such waiver will be in writing at the time of the service.

Premium Security Training

Stellar Security Services Training protocols exceed those of any other security company in the region. All our security guards and officers receive police defensive tactics training, patrol training, and criminal law education. In addition, they receive training in customer service, intercultural competency, and mental health first aid.